When the lights go out in San Miguel de Allende, one might expect the shadows to obscure the vibrant colors of this Mexican gem. Yet, as we discovered in our latest podcast episode, it's precisely in the absence of light that the true colors of wellness and wanderlust can shine the brightest.

Our hosts Jim and Rita, accompanied by holistic health and wellness coach Colleen O'Neill Mulvihill, take us on a journey not just through the quaint streets of San Miguel but also through the intertwining paths of health, safety, and personal growth. Colleen, with her wealth of experience transitioning from a firefighter to a wellness advocate, offers a compelling narrative about overcoming fears and embracing the unknown.

The conversation ventures into the transformative power of travel, particularly for women over 40, highlighting the Audacious Tenacity Sisterhood of Strength. This initiative empowers women to weave wellness into their travels, emphasizing the importance of maintaining these healthy habits upon returning home. The episode dives deep into the local food sourcing culture of foreign lands, comparing it to the processed and often unhealthy options available in the U.S., and showcasing the profound impact that natural and fresh foods have on our well-being.

A key takeaway from the episode is the emphasis on holistic health, not just in the context of travel but as a lifestyle choice. Colleen shares her personal health journey, battling an autoimmune disease, and how this experience catalyzed her commitment to a holistic approach to wellness. She discusses her coaching philosophy, which centers on tailoring wellness plans to the individual, tackling stress management, and promoting natural healing.

Moreover, the episode touches upon the concept of wellness travel, where the journey is more than just the destinations visited—it's about aligning travel experiences with personal goals and feelings. Colleen's own life-changing trip to Ecuador serves as an example of how integrating nature and movement into daily life can be revitalizing.

In essence, this podcast episode transcends the mere act of travel; it's a guide to a life of balance, joy, and discovery. The blackout in San Miguel de Allende becomes a metaphor for the transformative potential that lies in stepping out of our comfort zones, both geographically and emotionally. It is an invitation to listeners to explore the world and themselves with eyes wide open.

To capture the essence of this message, our hosts conclude the episode with a reminder of the importance of seizing life's moments and not letting them slip away. In a world where we often travel to escape, they offer a different perspective: we travel to engage more deeply with life, to ensure it does not escape us.